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BlizeTec’s Tactical Survival Knife Is Wickedly Sharp



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Extremely sharp with a lot of useful survival features.


Not very comfortable to hold.

Posted April 25, 2014 by Pikko

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Yesterday, the BlizeTec Tactical Survival Knife that I got asked to review came in and when I opened it up, I was immediately impressed with the packaging. Set in foam in a neat, black box with a magnet flap, the knife looks intimidating.

The Tactical Survival Knife comes with five features including an LED flashlight (which you twist to turn on), a magnesium alloy fire starter, a belt cutter, a window breaker, and of course, the knife itself with a serrated edge on the lower half. Under the first layer of foam is the BlizeTec knife holder, which has a strap for you to insert your belt into.


Since I opened it in my living room, I didn’t have much nearby to test it on, so I went for the foam insert in the box. To my surprise, it sliced through it like butter. Suddenly I knew I had to be extra careful. After all, I’ve cut my finger open with a butter knife before. The last thing I needed was to stab myself while doing a product review.

Today, after making taking some cautious measures (like not wearing heeled sandals while testing it) I took it outside to do some damage. Now, I’m not an outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman?) but I do have a yard full of various things worthy of testing. First up, I cut one of our old stalks of broccoli and fed it to a rabbit. No problem there.

Next, I went to our avocado tree, which has kind of had some out of control growth on the bottom half of the trunk. I easily hacked off little branches about 1/4″ thick and used the serrated edge to saw off 1″ thick branches. No problems there and we now have a half-cleaned avocado tree trunk. (I got lazy and stopped)

Since I’d just been sawing some decently thick branches, I thought I should test out whether it was still sharp and walked around the yard lopping off leaves and other things with no problems.

I showed the knife to my husband and his one complaint was that with the outside features such as the clip (shown below), the knife isn’t very comfortable to hold.


I do admit to being confused about their slogan, “Quality Matter!” I can’t figure out if it’s a typo and should be “Quality Matters!” or if they simply mean their knife is made out of quality matter.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with it other than keep it in the tool area for outside use. I don’t think I can carry it around, though maybe I could leave it in my car’s glove compartment.

The knife is solidly constructed and the coloring is very slick looking. Overall, for the price of $35.95, it’s a little on the higher end, and the lack of a comfortable grip knocks it’s rating down a bit, but I don’t think people will be unhappy with their purchase.

Disclosure: This knife was provided to me for free by the company for review consideration. 





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