Posted September 2, 2011 by RavinRed in Food

Planters Peanut Butter Review


Kraft First Taste is a wonderful program which gets its members new Kraft products free or very cheap for sampling.  This week they have a coupon for $2 off new Planters peanut butter.  We usually get Safeway’s store brand for economy, but Walmart had the Planters at a good price: on Monday the 24 ounce jar was $3.88 a jar, but on Tuesday it was $4.18. (isn’t that interesting?).  For comparison here are the prices for other 24oz jars in Safeway: Skippy SuperChunk $5.49; Adam’s Natural $5.49; Safeway, $3.99.

What can you say about peanut butter?  It can be too dry, too oily, or have poor taste. There’s certainly mediocre peanut butter. I’m a fan of Skippy SuperChunk, and the Safeway brand is fine.  I had high expectations of Planters because as we all know, Planters knows nuts.  I was not disappointed.

Naturally it comes in creamy or crunchy; it’s no contest here, my whole family is nuts! The ingredients are straight-forward:  peanuts, sugar, oils, salt.  The crunchy is stuffed with nuts but still very spreadable, and is neither dry nor oily.  It has a wonderful roasted peanut taste that sent me back to the jar for a spoonful!

The kids loved it.  Hubby loved it on his pre-workout morning toast.  It’s a hit in our house, and I already spent all the $2 off coupons I printed so we could stock up on it cheap!  While I expect the price point to eventually match other premium peanut butters, the introductory price is quite attractive.  I’m happy to recommend Planters Peanut Butter to peanut butter loving families!


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